Welcome to Primary School

All pupils, no matter their origin, follow the curricula of the French Education system within the French classroom.

  • Native English speakers pursue their English Language Arts classes within the international section and learn French as beginners in the F.L.E. class. They are in immersion within the French classroom for the remainder of their day.

  • French expatriate children returning to France who are fluent in English and who join the Advanced class continue to make progress in their English language skills and follow the complete French curricula.

  • All non-speakers of French gradually follow classes within the French classroom through the individually tailored F.L.E. programme. 


  • Welcome to the Primary School
  • EBI's involvement in the Massillon Primary school
  • EBI English classes in the Primary School
  • Non French Speaking students in Primary

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Educational Team


Gilles Chabanel

Massillon Primary School Principal


Michelle Rabeau

EBI Pre-School and Primary Coordinator
Teacher in Advanced 3


Nicole Stevenson

Teacher in Grade 3, Grade 4 & Advanced 5


Thérèse Bonnet

Teacher in Grade 1


Caroline Baturone

Teacher in Advanced 1 & 2


Alexandra Lester

Teacher in Grade 2

Brigitte Laurent

Teacher in French as a Foreign Language (FLE)

Lori MacKenzie

Teacher in K4/K5, Advanced 4 and Grade 5